EMCMS Rental Management System

EMCMS Rental Management System for free download

EMCMS Rental is the best customization script for building your online rental business. You can use our software for any rental based system. Example: Event management system, Fitness Center, Boats & Yacht, Renting office space, Equipment Rental etc. It has best features of Airbnb, So that end user can easily use our software. We have a set of unique features that has differentiated us from our competitors.

Some Features that make EMCMS Rental special:

  1. Mobile friendly – Our clone script supports and works in every handy device like smartphone and tablets. Allow your visitors/customers to access your platform anywhere, from any device. At EMCMS Rental you can find a high performing mobile friendly design, which convert each visitors of your website. We have used updated design techniques to modeling airbnb-like platform. Our design covers every selling point that you need to run a successful vacation rental platform.
  2. Super Advanced Admin Panel – Revenue tracking & management, users management, settings and detailed advanced options with quick look data available on the status of your rental listing portal, your dashboard offers complete control over your website. Customize to your business model & build the website unique to your vision
  3. Advanced Search Available – Find exactly what you are looking for through effective search system. Advanced search and filter option is provided for the guest to get the details of the properties or experience which they really look for. Our script contains amenity based filter option to get a refined search results.
  4. Map and Location Based Search – Guest can view the property listing by simply moving the map marker. The map will show the property list which available on that particular location. It helps the users to simply identify the property.
  5. Multi-Currency System – You can use several configured currencies.
  6. Multi Lingual System – Switch through your preferred language. EMCMS Rental comes with multi language feature that helps you add and manage any new language.
  7. Payment – Now payment can be made easy with PayPal or Credit card in EMCMS Rental.
  8. Social Tool – Engage and Explore with people through social media like Facebook, Tweeter, and Google+ etc. Be social to everyone. Social sharing is another kind of marketing technique across various kinds of social media platforms. It’s one of the good ways to drive new users to your website and also brand promotion for your business
  9. Calendar System – To manage and see booked days and manage prices and more. A host can manage seasonal pricing and booking availability through advanced calendar module. Host can restrict the availability of his property effectively through this feature.
  10. Unlimited Hosts, Travelers & Listings – It is designed to scale and manage a growing business of a rental listing portal. There is no limit to the amount of hosts, travelers & listings that can be managed by the EMCMS Rental script.
  11. Manage Bookings – A host can accept/decline booking from a guest (only through “request to book”). Host can manage each booking right from the booking request to payment process.
  12. Booking Requests Option – If a host wishes to manually approve every booking made by a traveler, he/she can request the traveler to make a booking request. The host has to approve the request to confirm the booking. This is a useful feature if the host is listing a property in multiple domains. If this option is turned off, bookings are instantly confirmed without any verification from the host.
  13. Internal Messaging Service – Hosts, travelers and business owner can communicate easily with the messaging service that is available to them. Improved communication leads to a better customer service.
  14. Wish List – Users can select listings that interest them to be added to their wish list. This list is available to them to get back to the listing that they have saved.
  15. Rating and Review – Reputation and trust is an important factor for a user as it provides a faith towards your business. 63% of users mostly like to make a reservation after seeing the reviews and ratings. A good review can boost your conversions by encouraging the users to make reservations.
  16. Pricing Rule – Enjoy the pricing rules as the early bird, minimum and maximum stay, length of stay discount options and much more.
  17. Abuse/Fraud Management – If a user is committing fraud or abuse to harm your business, you can warn or ban them indefinitely from your rental portal. Users can also report any user and this is brought to your attention.
  18. Host/Guest Dashboard – A host dashboard is completely equipped with all the necessary features to manage their listings, reservations, previous bookings, upcoming bookings and transaction. “Invite Friends”- a referral program is also associated with host dashboard for marketing aid.
  19. Featured Properties – It gives a unique visibility to the properties by grabbing the attention of users. Site admin controls and decides to list property in this particular category.
  20. Email verification – Registered emails of users are verified to prevent duplicate accounts. Script takes multiple steps to avoid misuse and fraud and this is one such measure.

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